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Tiny solar panel powers a small fan

Posted by: jaslene1985 | January 5, 2016

Shikrapur’s school students win hearts

December 26, 2015 will always remain a memorable day in our lives. That was the day, when some of us at GREAT Foundation went to visit Zilla Parishad School, Wablewadi, near Shikrapur on Ahmednagar Road. It was one of the most beautiful and child-friendly schools I had ever seen. The cottage-like school where 92 students studied from standard 1st to 7th sits in the midst of a neat green lawn, exuding peace and stillness all around. Its walls are freshly painted gaily with charts of the solar system, multiplication tables, etc. The rooms have placards of ENglish words of courtesy such as ‘Thank You’ ‘Sorry’ ‘Please’. It was a student-friendly school right from its colorful gate and outer walls to the labs inside.

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It was 3.00 pm on a Saturday when we reached there. SO the school was over since three hours ago but a few students from standard 3rd, 4th and 5th were still hanging around in the school. The science lab was open and it was the children, (RTL: in the photo on the left side) Aryan, Abhishek and Simridhi who explained the models kept there. Their confidence was most attractive.

Then we went to the computer room. The Arts and Crafts teacher told us that the students were quite adept at computers and we saw it was so. Abhishek and Aryan began gaming on Tablets. So we requested Simridhi to start the e-learning program and open any lesson in science. Without a mistake, she started the comupter, switched on the LCD projector and ran an introductory session on body organs. The entire school is Wi-Fi enabled. Later we learnt that the whole village is Wi-Fi enabled and it was the villagers who have made it so.

The children’s sense of owning the school gladdened our hearts and spirits. They were uninhibitedly exploring and using every facility in the school. Their Arts& Crafts Teacher was present but she stood quietly letting the children take the lead. The children aged 8, 9, 10 took us around the school. Their confidence and ease with which they operated the school facilities impressed us. Indeed a wonderful experience watching these children empowered with knowledge and skills at such a tender age.


Posted by: jaslene1985 | October 7, 2015

Learning science will be fun at govt schools

Great Foundation

PUNE: Science learning will now on be more fun for thousands of students of 45 corporation school students in the city, as they will soon be equipped with ‘Life Labs’ full of scientific toys
Tuesday, 6 October 2015 AT 10:59 PM IST

Posted by: jaslene1985 | September 21, 2015

We have an obligation towards underprivileged’

Interview of our trustees in the Golden Sparrow newspaper:






Posted by: jaslene1985 | August 4, 2015

Laptops to access the internet

The students of Mahadaji Shinde High School can now access the Internet using laptops. This opens up the entire world of possibilities to them. They are excited to make their mark in the world!


Posted by: greatfoundation | April 8, 2013

‘Aasha for education’ – ASHA GREAT Foundation scholarship


Anand Kadu and Anand Mane are both very enthusiastic 14 year old students. They like to take part in the school drama, enjoy working on the computers, have good drawing skills and want to excel academically.
Ashwini More (rightmost in the photo above) wants to become a Police inspectImageor when she grows up. Her mother says that she will support her daughter to have a career that she wants. Hemlata’s parents have sent her to stay with her uncle at Pune so that she can attend a good school, do well academically and then pursue her dream of getting a commerce degree.

All these 4 students study at Dr Ambedkar Memorial high school near Golibar maidan at Pune. They have been given ‘Aasha for education’ – Great foundation scholarship so that they can buy books and study material, that will help them achieve their dream.

The scholarship has been given by Ashwini and Bipin Deo in memory of Ashwini’s mother, Asha Chintamani  Inamdar. Asha Inamdar, a professor’s wife, had always welcomed students at her home. She supported them financially as well as by helping them with meals. Now Ashwini is carrying her mother’s legacy forward.

Ashwini and Bipin Deo, both interacted with the students and encouraged them to study well. This genuine encouragement is appreciated by not only the students but also their parents and teachers alike. Thank you Ashwini and Bipin!



Posted by: greatfoundation | March 15, 2013

Ten cycles, ten smiles and ten girls ready to take on the world!

Some of them walk miles to reach the school every day. Some of them take the bus, once in a while, but the bus service is irregular so they can’t come to school on time.

Not anymore! Great Foundation gave 10 bicycles to 10 deserving students of Mahadaji Shinde High School today. All these students are now looking forward to coming to school on time and using the  time saved in daily commute for studying. They want to study further, take a degree and develop a successful career. We wish them all the very best!Image

Posted by: greatfoundation | November 12, 2012

Dipawali Greetings….

” On this auspicious sparkling festive occasion, We wish all our loving GREAT donors, volunteers & our team memebers a very happy & prosperous new year ahead……

May God brighten our lives with all the colorful glowing lights….

>>—–> HAPPY DIPAWALI <—–<<

Posted by: greatfoundation | November 7, 2012

Setting up the 04 School Libraries

A group of dynamic volunteers from Aksharbharati donated more than 700
books worth Rs.20,000 helping us set up 4 libraries across 04 schools.  The
library system has started with Dr Ambedkar Primary School with 100 books.
Gradually, the work is going to be extended to the other 03 schools -. Mahadji Shinde
High School, Mahadji Shinde Primary School & Annasaheb Primary School enabling us to reach to more than 400 children.

The library stock includes a good mix of books from different categories
such as story books, educational material that enables the students to be exposed to a different world all together. At the moment GREAT volunteers are running the library at one of the schools.

To inculcate the habit of reading among the younger students, the volunteers read out the books containing interesting stories to the 3rd std students & help students share their insights and learning’s. We have a list of activities that we are working on to continue such interactive initiatives in other schools as well. The students are showing increased participation in the book reading sessions and we hope to see increasing number of students availing the facility.

A small initiative can make a big difference in another person’s life.


Posted by: greatfoundation | November 7, 2012

Empowering the 200 Students of 10th std

Power lies in the hands of today’s youth. So, it is our prime responsibility to not only to strengthen our foundation but also the underprivileged. Ignited with this passion, Great Foundation helped
empower the 10th standard students by providing educational workbooks for study purpose in their very first but crucial exam.

Six enthusiastic GREAT volunteers worked on arranging the collection of the books & the funds for the same to be provided to the 200 students. In fact, it was a difficult task to manage the same. But, where there is a will, there is way. The workbooks for 2 subjects such as English & Physical education were successfully distributed to 200 students in Oct. 2012.

Our volunteers also discussed with the students on topics such as how to go about their studies, interests & hobbies. Through this interaction, an effort was made to motivate the 10th std students to work hard, systematically & perform well in the final board exams.

We wish them all the best & are grateful to the donors for their generous offerings that helped provide aid to these students.

Kudos to team GREAT


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