Posted by: greatfoundation | November 23, 2009

My experiences: As a volunteer

Its been almost two years since I have been proactively teaching the children at the GREAT Foundation adopted schools. The experiences I have had are varied and mixed to a great extent. They range from extremely happy and exciting incidents to pitiable and sorrowful situations these children are subject to.

Let me begin with the happy incidents, over a period of 2 years I have witnessed transformation of some of these children. While taking English classes on a continuous basis, I saw that the children started repsonding in English… a sea change compared to the time when i had started taking the class and when these children didn’t wish to even speak a word of English….

Over a period of time they started greeting me in English by saying “Hello Mam”…we wish to attend your class…what new thing will you teach us…etc….The enthusiasm in them was increasing day by day…session by session….I could feel their growing thirst to learn a new language…to know what went wrong when they spoke…learn new words, use them in the class…or even their day to day life…etc…etc…

Originally, they began by merely translating Marathi sentences into English sentences…word by word….but I would say that was still commendable….One student who could not even speak a word of English said…”Mala pustak Kharidaychi aahe” …translating it into English literally…”I book buy”….when I heard this the first time…it was like a small child learns to speak….The bounds of my happiness could not be confined….

Atleast the child tried even if wrong he still tried…This gave me immense pleasure as it brought a sense of happiness that even the most uninterested child in the class wants to learn English…..

Another heart touching incident was when, a girl in the class brought an English newspaper – (from her hard earned salary) and said to me “Me he Newpaper kharidun aanla aahen”…”Mala he read karaych aahen”….My heart went out to her and thereafter, i used to carry an English newspaper for her everytime i used to visit the class….

Though I have been a medium for change…I wouldn’t entirely take the credit for bringing about the change….as it is the infectious enthusiasm of these children that really eggs one to help them…reach out to them….


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