Posted by: greatfoundation | December 12, 2009

Are Women Equal? (conti)

In continuity with the previous article..where i had just left at a point of describing the inequality and cruelty committed against women/girls. I am going further to explain that we have taken steps to help atleast children from these schools curb their insensitive behavior towards the female gender. We have started with Personality development sessions where through role plays we show that such harsh behavior is not warranted for and a person has to be sensitive to the other human beings needs and responses.

We did face problems in the beginning as every human being resists change. Eventually, we found a slow change in the behaviour of the children. They started interacting in a more humane fashion, stopped jeering at girls when they did their homework…We actually found that the boys had started participating whole heartedly and were helping out their peers when they got stuck while answering….

This has really helped them…generate a human touch to elements….in the class. This extended to the school kids even at their home.

Let me elaborate further, A boy used to abuse everyone in the class and behave very high handed… through the role play he realised that giving expletives was not a way to get things done your own way…He actually came down to the class conductor and said…”Sir main galat hoon na…i abuse everyone”…The conductor said…”Yes abhi tumhe pata chala ki gaali dene se kuch faayda nahi hota…Main gaali nahi deta phir bhi tum sab mujhe maante ho”… to this the boy replied “Yes sir mujhe aap jaisa banna hai, Kya aap meri madad karenge..” The conductor said “Kyun nahi, with pleasure”…This incident really gave us the confirmation that everyone could be changed ….for good…


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