Posted by: greatfoundation | December 19, 2009

Transformation of sentences

Its such a cliched word “Transformation”. But how often we use it in our dictionary. Similarly, I used this word once again while teaching 10th std children. I was teaching them the art of converting a negative sentence into a positive one without the use of the word “NOT”.

Thought it may seem easy for us as we are all well versed with the English language. However, it does seem a challenging task to deliver the session with finesse and the satisfaction that the children have understood what you have taught.

I began by saying..Hi have you been taught transformation of sentences. They said yes. So I said “lets do a quick recap…”..convert the sentence from Affirmative to negative “She is a very bad girl”..the children were bobbing up and down in their seat and replied in unison “She is not a very bad girl” To this I replied “You would be right if I had asked you to change the meaning of the sentence but I want the same meaning…now the kids began thinking and finally after 5 mins a guy said “She is not a good girl”.

I explained to them how the sentence was transformed “She, is, girl” remains constant. The only thing you have to add is “not a” and “place the opposite of the word ‘BAD’.. Thus the sentence becomes “She is not a good girl”…In response to this method of teaching and mechanics the children were ecstatic that they could actually transform the sentences and came up with other sentences and transformed them as well. They transformed most of the sentences beautifully, despite a few vowels here and there. They were wonderful.


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