Posted by: greatfoundation | December 26, 2009

Would you want to become a driver/chauffeur?

Recently one of  GREAT Foundation’s volunteer had gone to make a presentation at a Corporate House pitching for volunteers to come and join us in the Pehel intitiative. The presentation went off well. Most of the people in the crowd who attended the session applauded the work done by the NGO and how it would be for the greater good.

However, during the end in the question hour session one of the participants posed a question “Why do we want all the children to get a white collar job?”  Becoming a driver is not a bad job…They can still earn staying in a profession like a driver or a mechanic or something like that.

This set us thinking why not?

It would give the child a decent pay. But imagine would it give you the same level of dignity of labour such as sitting in a plush, air-conditioned office being given fancy designations. Does one even realise how we treat drivers or people belonging to the same cadre. Most often they are treated in an indignant fashion. Do they enjoy the same kind of dignity that people working in MNCs or government offices enjoy???

Thus the question still remains unanswered, would you want to become a driver/chauffer?



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