Posted by: greatfoundation | January 17, 2010

Kids at play: smiles all the way

Yesterday I went to take an English session after 10am…so according to school timings it was recess and the kids were at “Play”. While I was waiting for the recess to get over seated on my Dio bike…and a camera in my hand….I saw these kids and the smiles that lit up their faces…just a wonderful experience….

The entire ground was filled with children belonging to all age groups: 10-15 year olds playing varied kinds of games…right from something appearing to be cricket to seven tiles…to catch me if you can.and so on

Narration won’t do the justice to the whole scene…But let me try giving it a shot….in one corner of the ground a group of boys were holding a bat like thing….rather a wooden plank – used as an alternative to a Bat….and the ball was a cloth with something heavy inside….they were running around and hitting the small ball….i presume they were playing cricket happily in their own world…shouting calling each other names on missing someone’s catch and so on….it was rather a hilarious site….innovative how these kids despite not having access to a cricket kit made do with a nice alternative….

When i rotated my head 45 degrees. I saw a group of girls playing something like “seven tiles”…reminded me of my own school days….I saw one girl jumping in the air as her team had won ….I was able to capture her through the camera…..

In another corner a group of 10-12 year olds were playing “catch me if you can”. One of the kid came zooming past me and saw a camera in my hand. When he saw me clicking photographs….he came and started saying “Didi” meri bhi photo kheechon na”…I was rather happy seeing the smiling faces and poses they were giving….a wonderful interaction though….”meri aise wali photo lo”…”Dikhaon dikhaon” and the smiles they had on their faces….when i showed them their pictures were wonderful….

On an ending note, though these children didn’t have sprawling green or well cemented grounds or a basket ball court or a table tennis court or a football ground or the footballs to play with or proper bats or other sport equipment…it didn’t mar their spirit…they were all smiles as soon as they had their recess and enjoyed the whole half an hour….playing having fun


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