Posted by: greatfoundation | February 4, 2010

Volunteer Meet: 6 Feb 2010, Mahadji Shinde School, 8.30am

GREAT Foundation volunteers are holding a volunteer meet at Mahadji Shinde High School on 6 Feb 2010 at 8.30 am. Though an early hour, we expect to discuss:

  1. Presentation- GREAT Foundation (About the organisation/Partnerships/Nos of volunteers/Teaching initiatives/updates, etc)
  2. Introduction of new volunteers – (Tell about yourself/Motivation to join the Pehel initiative)
  3. The progress of the classes- volunteer experience (How volunteer teaching has benefitted the students?/Syllabus followed/teaching methodology, Dos and dont’s of Volunteering, etc)
  4. How we can improve the teaching program?- (Syllabus modifications/teaching method changes/Arrange teaching training programs)
  5. How to prepare students from exam point of view?
  6. Closure and summation of meeting

Look forward to meeting you all.




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