Posted by: greatfoundation | February 7, 2010

Minutes of the Volunteer meeting: 6 Feb 2010

First of all let me extend a thank you to all the volunteers (old and new) present at the Meeting. It is great to know the enthusiasm and common vision shared by all. For the new and old volunteers we are active and present on the web:




Google groups:

 Please feel free to join conversations and share your experiences. As discussed during the meeting.

1. All the volunteers-English are requested to attend Abhinav’s session at Dr Ambedkar School, solapur bazaar rd, near Pocha seeds. Class 9 A. Timings:8.30am-9.30am. Date: 20 Feb 2010. Please intimate Utpala or me in case you are unable to attend the session. It would be great if you all could make it there. Look forward to meeting you there.

2. All volunteers are requested to intimate me about their lectures/ sessions via e-mail or message or a phone call after taking a session. The excel sheet for attendance is updated and is available on the Google groups every Monday evening.

3. Please intimate me or Utpala via e-mail, sms or via phone call in case you are not taking a session. This helps us arrange for volunteers to take your session.

4. Maths-volunteers are requested to purchase the Maths Text books or obtain them from the school authorities. In case of any doubts regarding Maths syllabus or text book procurement or teaching methodologies, please contact Utpala- Maths coordinator (

5. English – volunteers are requested to purchase the English Wren Martin – S Chand. In addition to this, also obtain a text book from the school authorities. In case of any doubts regarding English syllabus or teaching methodologies or text book procurement, please contact Abhinav – English Coordinator (

6. The details of Volunteer allotment – School names, timings, sessions, contact details of volunteers, etc. are available on the Google groups in an excel sheet – downloadable file format titled “Volunteer allotment 04 Feb 2010.xls”.

7. Dress code: Please follow a dress code, avoid wearing clingy clothes. Normal fitting T-shirts, Kurti’s, Jeans, Salwar Kameez are perfectly alright.

8. Please check your mails on a continous basis as all the updates will be available via mail. Thank you all and Look forward to working with you. In case, of queries or doubts or any kind of problems faced regarding volunteering feel free to contact me ( or Utpala (


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