Posted by: greatfoundation | May 6, 2010

Time for a new academic year

First of all I would like to begin with thanking all the supporters of GREAT Foundation. A few who are visible – publicly and the rest who work as silent supporters (who do not publicize their names).

It is with your support and goodwill that we have been able to achieve milestone after milestone at the foundation. I am glad to share with you all that we have finally set up computer classes at the schools and regular sessions have begun for Grade 5 students with growing number of enrollments for the course across the schools.

In addition to this, we have also received a fair amount of funds from trustees and donors that will help us provide basic necessities such as books, text books, stationery, etc to the school students. Though we are still looking for sponsorships. Please spread the word around…

We also have a strong team of volunteers who have joined in recently and has helped us expand the reach of teaching across the schools.

These are the main updates for now, will keep you updated on further developments. I extend a “thank you” to everyone and hope to receive support from all like minded people who believe that “We can bring about change”.


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