Posted by: greatfoundation | June 19, 2010

TopSource Young Leaders Scholarship

TopSource in coordination with GREAT Foundation sponsored five students (X students of Ghorpade High School) for Higher education. The scholarship is named “TopSource Young Leaders Scholarship”.

During a ceremony held on 19 Jun 2010, the students received scholarships that covered their fees and notebook costs. The students profile is as follows:

1. Ashwini Bondre

She is studying in the 12th std at Camp Education Society – Science stream. She has been an outstanding performer and continues to be the same. Her goal in life is to pursue Computer Science and become a Computer Engineer.

2. Sangeeta Bondre

She is studying in the 12th std at Camp Education Society – Science stream. She is a hardworking student and wishes to pursue Computer science in the near term and become an Engineer.

3. Chinnappa Dantika

He is pursuing  12th (HSC) at Camp Education Society and exudes enthusiasm till the core.  His aim is to pursue an engineering degree in Computer Science in the future. His father is a coolie and he is the first person in his family to aspire for a degree.

4. Mangesh Gadekar

He is pursuing Civil Diploma (Second Year) at Govt Polytechnic Pune (GPP) and is working to become a Civil Engineer in the near term.

5. Akshay Lokhande

He has been an outstanding student throughout his academia and is pursuing a Computer Diploma (First year) at Govt Polytechnic Pune (GPP). He had received a scholarship (Rs.5,000) for outstanding performance in the 10th std (SSC).

These children are driven by the zeal to achieve their goals and compete with the children belonging to public schools. Akshay and Chinnappa speak fluent English and are role models for a lot many who can reach a position where they are. Wish all these Young leaders “All the best” and “Hope for their bright future…”


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