Posted by: greatfoundation | July 7, 2010

GREAT Guidelines of good teaching

GREAT Guidelines of good teaching

Utpala Joshi

You are all eager to start with your voluntary teaching work. I know the feeling since I’m to start my first class on coming Saturday and am feeling the same excitement as you are feeling. Best of luck! It is a very satisfying experience and you will soon start looking forward to it, week on week.

Here are some points that we have agreed with school administration that we need to keep in mind while conducting the class room sessions.

Do s

  • Insist that a teacher is present in the class when you take the class. This is essential so that you can focus on the teaching part and not spend energy in disciplining the students. Please insist, as the volunteer’s time is not equivalent to free time for the teacher.
  • Insist on only two students per bench. They all love to occupy back benches and crowd together and you have to coax them to take the front benches. I’ve seen this in corporate meetings too and my own preference also has been the back bench J
  • Do maintain continuity by conducting regular classes.
  • Do buy the school text books. They are quite good and useful too!

Don’t s

  • Do not combine classes. The students would want it and the teachers too may recommend it but it is not advisable. The sheer number of students becomes unmanageable.  The interest levels vary greatly from class A to B to C. The divisions are based on merit and we are not here to challenge that. You can decide which division you want to teach and then continue with that division for the rest of the year.
  • No physical punishments please! If the class is not behaving, ask the trouble makers to go and meet the principal. Things will never come to that but if find that your patience is running absolutely thin, please feel free to walk out of the class and head to the principal’s office. The teachers will always welcome you to share their cup of tea.

I don’t think I need to mention any thing about ‘how to dress’ as we all know what responsible dressing is. Be yourself and enjoy and keep giving us your valuable feedback.


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