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Teaching Methodology – Must for Volunteers

Teaching Methodology – Dr Viney Kirpal

Dear Volunteers :

Welcome to one more year of voluneering. I met some of you on the 3rd at the meeting but was not able meet everyone. I hope that will happen next time. During the meeting, I had discussed the Akanksha Teaching Methodology we are expected to use with their material. I am re-explaining the methodology below so that every volunteer is clear about how to teach the students. In case you have any difficulty, you can write to me or Jaslene or Utpala for clarification.

Thank you

Viney Kirpal

Executive President

GREAT Foundation                                                                                                                                                                                   08 July, 2010


 1.  The Akanksha Material is very well designed and structured. It makes teaching and student learning easier. So please use their Teaching Methodology in your classes.

 2. All the lessons are structured along this Methodology. It begins with being clear about the Objective for a given lesson, then creating the students, interest. Suggestions for that are given in the ‘Introduction’. Then we teach the item we have planned to teach. Next we get the students to apply what they have learnt. This is to be followed by an evaluation of their learning of that item. Revision is to be done though a game in the same period or the next. Try and create jingles to help students remember facts. (eg. “30 days hath September/April, June and November”).

3.  Be clear about the of the lesson Objective ———| Create interest through game or activity [Avl. in ‘Introduction’ section] ———|Teach———|Apply——–|Assess———|Games for revision———|Jingles for remembering facts.


Encourage students to put up displays on chart paper in their classroom. If you need materials, please let Jaslene or Utpala know and GREAT Foundation will provide them. It is recommended that we use simple materials.

Examples of class displays that you can put up:

Word charts

Children’s works


Inspirational stories

Class projects and have group presentations every month.


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