Posted by: greatfoundation | August 26, 2010

Events @ GREAT in Aug 2010

Aug 2010:

Teacher training for school teachers

Teacher training imparted to teachers across the three schools in Computer skills by Zareer Aga. The training covers the usage of ICT to teach effectively.

Meditation sessions for Xth std students

Meditation sessions being held at the 3 schools for Xth std students on 26th, 27th and 28th Aug 2010. The aim of the sessions is to improve concentration of the students, eradicate feeling of violence and rage, and develop mind power. Mohan Pawar – Trainer from Waves of Power, Nashik is conducting the three day sessions. GREAT Foundation has sponsored the event.

GREAT ties for NIE program at TOI:

GREAT Foundation tied up for the NIE (Newspaper in Education) Program at TOI. Under the NIE initiative volunteers will teach English, Maths, groom children, teach pottery, Karate, conduct magic shows for the children at Mhadji Shinde School Wanowrie. The event is organised by GREAT Foundation and under the four month program NIE will bring their best teachers to Mhadji Shinde and teach 8th std students. After the trial run at the school, the NIE program will be extended across schools and classes.

GREAT Foundation to join hands with Soroptomist

GREAT Foundation is in talks with the Pune based foundation “Soroptomist” to train 1st grade primary school children at Mhadji Shinde School in art, drawing and craft.


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