Posted by: greatfoundation | September 8, 2010

Naach baby Naach – Rock and Roll

GREAT Foundation and Naach India joined hands to spread the joy of dance to the ones who cant afford to pay for it. Naach teaches freestyle form of dance style to the students from 8th to 10th std. The batch consists of 40-45 children and all of them move and jump with all their spirits every Wednesday . 

Naach believe in helping students connect to their emotions with dance and its one of the positive ways for children to understand this while they grow up to healthy individuals.

Healthy mind Healthy body.

Dance is a way to connect to God. ! Naach believes in being a channel to help people understand this..

On speaking to a few students at the school, their responses were as follows:

I really like the session, i have attended all the three sessions conducted by mam. I like filmy songs…

We love the sessions, would love to become a very good dancer some day in the near future.

Its real fun to attend the session….

Kids having fun

Happy Kids with smiles across their faces

Abhilasha – Founder of Naach with the kids – She is also one of the trainers at the school

Reaching out to the sky

Puneet teaching dance steps to the children


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