Posted by: greatfoundation | February 5, 2011

New volunteers at GREAT

It is always a very enriching experience interacting with new volunteers at GREAT. This is the fourth year in our volunteering inititiative – Pehel as we welcomed the volunteers to the GREAT Family. During the interaction, the volunteers committed to take a minimum four sessions in a row. At the same time, they were curious about the Foundation, voiced their concerns about teaching for the first time, etc…Overall a fruitful session.

LTR: Varun, Adarsh, Deepak, Jaslene, Nitesh, Sohil, Shruti, Satabdi.

Varun: I work for Kirloskar Borthers and came to know about GREAT via an online network, this triggered the thought about giving back to the society.

Shruti Prasad: I work for Mphasis and came to know about the foundation through a friend who is an existing volunteer. I am interested in teaching  and sharing the knowledge i possess and help educate the underprivileged. children.

Ajay Mundra: An entrepreneur at Upshot Event Management co. and I heard about the foundation via the internet. Before starting with “Why i want to teach?”. The society has given a lot to me and still tends to give in some form or the other. By joining as a volunteer, i would like to do my bit in giving back to the society.

Satabdi Pande an MCA student at MIT found out about the foundation on the web. I genuinely want to do something for the underprivileged children. What else could be better than teaching them that will generate a feel good factor.

Deepak Agarwal working at Symantec heard about the NGO via Binsy Pillai. Education is the key to a better life, so helping in the form of volunteering is the best way to I would like to give back to the society.

Adarsh Jha working at Symantec wishes to help the underprivileged children.

Sakina Khainullah working at Allscripts heard about the foundation via a common friend. I have a passion to teach children. I am a post graduate in English Literature and would like to spread knowledge and the use of the English language to as many people as possible.

So let us welcome the new group of enthusiastic volunteers to the GREAT Family and look forward to working with them.



  1. Great Start Deepak ! Wish you all the best for your efforts 🙂

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