Posted by: greatfoundation | February 25, 2011

Break in teaching:Apologies for the inconvenience caused

A number of you have joined as new volunteers during the school year end
and must be wondering:

“We just began with the classes and now there is a break one after the
other week.”

It is a humble request to you all that please don’t lose heart or
become impatient, this is a period when the 10th std board exams
begin, these exams last for two to three weeks. Once exams are over
the schools will continue to operate for two weeks more and close for
exams and vacation.

These schools operate unlike private schools (that hold regular
morning school classes even during the board exams for the 1st to 9th
std). Since these schools are exam centers they have certain norms to
adhere to, hence they prefer not holding any sessions during the three
week period.

Please bear with us patiently, once the exams are over you can resume
teaching after 19th March (some of the schools might hold afternoon
sessions for the children studying in the 5th-9th around 2-5pm on
Saturdays during March 2011).

After which the schools will close for exams and vacations in April.
Thereafter they will reopen during Jun-Jul. You will begin afresh in
the new school year Jun-Jul 2011 and will not face the high number of
breaks in teaching. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Break in teaching

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