Posted by: greatfoundation | March 12, 2011

A touching experience!

A group of 20 volunteers visit the school every Saturday to teach the children at GREAT adopted schools. Since it is March the volunteer activity slows down due to the tenth std exams. So this time we decided that let us change the focus to the primary schools while the secondary school is closed for the board exams.

To make preliminary arrangements as a volunteer co-ordinator i visited the Primary schools and arranged that the existent volunteers can go and teach the students belonging to the std 1-4th class. The primary school principal and teachers exclaimed “oh you had distributed toys, we remember…and please help us get these children to speak well in English and do maths calculations, etc etc”…

Sometimes very few words can give a boost to all our morale’s..the main essence is that “these children need us”..we can make a difference to their lives. So from the coming week onwards it is going to be all fun and games for the volunteers unlike the serious stuff that they follow for the secondary schools. So let your hair down and get ready to handle these kiddos mind it “they are quite a handful” 🙂


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