Posted by: greatfoundation | April 23, 2011

Summer classes – Brushing up their concepts

For the first time in the past three years of volunteering. We are finally holding summer classes for the high school students. Our aim behind holding these classes is to clear concepts of the children by forming small group of students based on their capability. Around 10-15 volunteers take sessions on English and Maths on Saturdays. We divide the class into small groups of 5-10 students and teach them. This helps to pay individual attention to them and clear their basic concepts.

If you look at the class consistency we find that there is a huge disparity among the children in one class. Hence it is important to take sessions in groups to get the class on the same page.

A few of the volunteers said: “The children don’t even know multiplication so how are we to teach algebraic equations” to this I said “you can teach multiplication tables in the beginning of the class and then continue with the algebraic equations later.”

This was a well accepted suggestion. Another thing is when you teach small groups in the same class it is important for the volunteers to co-ordinate amongst each other to help share issues, any problems faced, any tips that will help improve their teaching methods, etc and you can always contact me in case anything is required.

Overall, the students are benefitting because individual attention is being paid to a thumbs up to all the dedicated volunteers…all the best 🙂


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