Posted by: greatfoundation | May 14, 2011

Summer classes @ Ghorpade High school

A batch of 14-15 GREAT Foundation volunteers are holding summer classes for the children at Ghorpade High school during Apr-May 2011. All of them highly dedicated and motivated are working towards clearing the concepts of the children in basic maths which covers a wide range of topics right from integers to quadratic equations to simple multiplication to simple fractions, etc…

Similarly the volunteers are concentrating on spoken English as to enable the children to speak fluently…the reason why we chose the subjects Maths and English are because most of the children fail in of the subjects are manageable…

While teaching a few volunteers pointed out that the children are very weak in basic calculations, fractions and decimals…hence volunteers are widely focussing on these topics to strengthen their foundation..They teach for a two hour span every Saturday which is fun filled and interactive to a great extent…a few children are very bright and perky. They get done with solutions in no time whereas others take some time to solve the problems…however, there has been a remarkable progress in their uptake and they have been frank to point out to us. “Madam we don’t know this, how do we solve this, etc”. The good part is each volunteer is taking 3-4 children at a time, hence individual attention is being paid to them. Hats off to the volunteer effort and thank you all.


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