Posted by: greatfoundation | June 23, 2011

The new school year has started



Schools have reopened from 15th June 2011. The new school year has started on a high note with excellent SSC results in some schools and not-so-excellent results in other schools. One of the GREAT adopted PCB schools; Ambedkar high school has announced excellent SSC results this year with a passing rate of 81%. The teacher and volunteer efforts have contributed to some extent. However, a pressing issue that still lingers is that Math and English proved to be difficult subjects for passing the SSC exam for many children, so our focus on these 2 subjects has been vindicated once again.

GREAT Foundation’s volunteer strength is increasing and we have many volunteers who are committed to coming regularly. To all such volunteers, we extend a hearty welcome.

As we have mentioned before, coming forward to teach by spending your own free time is a great step taken; that needs to be followed by regularity as another great step to make a difference.

With the advent of the New School Year here are some new developments at the schools.

  1. Mahadaji Shinde School is starting junior college classes this year, starting with 11th Commerce and Arts divisions. This is a wonderful development because it will ensure that at least 100 students will now get a chance to complete education until 12th standard i.e. HSC within the same system.
  2. Dr Ambedkar school is starting vocational training from 8th standard, which again would enhance the practical skill set of the students and help them become self sufficient in the job market.
  3. Teach for India is going to send 4 full time fellows to teach English at Ravindranath Tagore School, for the 2nd standard students.
  4. Kirloskar foundation has enrolled 3 schools for their ‘clean and beautiful school’ competition. The foundation runs a program called Water And Sanitation Hygiene and 3 schools will be covered under this program as well.

With all this activity happening, we hope to see lot of improvements; right from enrollment, regular attendance, success in examinations and employability of the students, all aspects should show an upward trend.

Come join us and we will make a difference.

GREAT Foundation Volunteer Coordinators: Utpala ( and Jaslene (


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