Posted by: greatfoundation | August 11, 2011

The 17 year old who volunteers at GREAT

Shalmali Bane, a 17 year old teenager pursuing her IB diploma at Mahindra united world college volunteers with GREAT Foundation during her summer vacations. She taught English and Science to the sixth grade students at Mahadji Shinde High school in 2010 during her summer vacations. Once again in 2011, she has continued with English as her forte and extended her efforts via teaching science to 6th and 7th grade. She enjoys teaching and interacting with the children and makes the classes interesting through drawings, craft, story books etc.

A born leader, artist, an amicable person who exudes a lot of enthusiasm at her tender age. She is interested in leadership roles be it Pugmarks volunteer camp, leader for nature camps or being a prefect at her school. She plays the piano, acts in plays and is brilliant in her academics. Like any ordinary teenager she could choose spending her time watching movies or roaming with friends. Instead she chooses to teach the children belonging to the underprivileged background and giving back to the society. Kudos Shalmali for the wonderful efforts put in 🙂


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