Posted by: greatfoundation | September 20, 2011

GREAT Foundation: H1 2011 event updates

  • Shortlisted for National Award

GREAT FOUNDATION has been selected as Regional Finalist (West) for APEEJAY- India Volunteer Awards 2011 in the best NGO category. Jaslene Bawa, volunteer, GREAT FOUNDATION has been selected as the Regional Finalist (West)  2011 in the Individual volunteer category.

  • Libraries for PCB Schools

Akshar Bharati has agreed to set up libraries through GREAT FOUNDATION in six PCB schools in 2011-12. This is the first time that the schools will be getting library books which students will be able to read for a period every day. The schools that will get the libraries are Mahadji Shinde High School, Mahadji Shinde Primary School, Ghorpadi Village High School, Maharashi Anna Saheb Primary School, Dr. Ambedkar Memorial High School and Dr. Ambedkar Memorial   Primary School. Books worth of 75,000/- approximately will be given to these schools.

  • Stationery Worth Rs. 1,00,000/- Distributed

Stationery worth Rs. 1,00,000/- was distributed to all the students of Mahadji Shinde High School, Ghorpadi Village High School and Dr. Ambedkar Memorial High School. These comprised 4500 Long Note   books 2500 two hundred page Note books. Compass sets were distributed to all the students of Stds. IX and X.

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  • One Note Book and One Pencil from Top Source and GS LAB

170 Note books and pencils were collected by the employees of Top Source, and 175 Note books with hand-written motivational messages and pencils were given by the employees of GS LAB for distribution at the GREAT FOUNDATION Stationery distribution function held on 2 July. These were given away to the students, much to their joy.

  • Spoken English Training for Teachers

Tanjana Sehgal, Principal of Tree House, a volunteer for GREAT FOUNDATION has been training the teachers of Mahadji Shinde Primary School in Spoken English for  two hours every Saturday. This will help them teach English to the students better and make them more confident in its use. Today. parents of less privileged school children aspire that their children should be able to speak English.

  • Azim Premji Foundation  and GREAT FOUNDATION to Tie Up

A tie up between Azim Premji Foundation and GREAT FOUNDATION

is near finalization for intensive training in the latest teaching techniques including ICT use in class of all the PCB school teachers. The idea is that if  all the 160 High School and Primary School teachers are trained in interactive pedagogy their teaching will benefit the students in the long term and help them to master the fundamentals better. The goal of  GREAT FOUNDATION is to get 100% results in the SSC exam in the three High Schools aa early as possible. This tie up is a move in that direction.

  • Toys Distributed

Toys and games were distributed to the children of Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Primary School, Anna Saheb Maharashi Primary School and Rabindranath Tagore Primary School.

  • Akshay Surve of Symbiosis International School of Business, Pune worked as an intern with GREAT FOUNDATION for a month between May and June this year. His contribution was very useful in gathering feedback about the current status of teaching in the schools  (Jaslene, this can go into the Blog).
  • Prizes for Students Scoring above 80% in the SSC Exam

A prize of Rs 2000/- was given to each student who scored above 80% marks in the S.S.C Examination 2010 – 2011. This is the first time that eleven students have scored above 80%, and a total of 22 students  have  scored above 70%. For the first time, three girls students topped the exam with over 80%.  The first ranker in  the three High Schools was a Muslim girl student, Heena Shaikh. She scored 87%. The second ranker was Manisha with 84%. Mnaisha had lost her mother days before the exams. The  students gave credit to their teachers, to teaching by GREAT FOUNDATION volunteers and to the Meditation & Mind Power development sessions by Mohan Pawar of GREAT FOUNDATION. Of this training Heena said that “Earlier we had thought we could get only 70% but after meditation training we began to think that we could get 80%”. She was supported by many students in this observation.

  • Meditation and Mind Power Development

Meditation sessions were started in August 2011 at Ghorpadi Village High School for the new batch of Std 10 and Std 8 students, and in September 2011 at Mahadji Shinde High School. These sessions will continue through the year to help students concentrate better and become more confident. The schools cooperate with GREAT FOUNDATION in ensuring that meditation is practiced by the students every day in the first period.

  • Life Skills Training for Girl Students

The first phase of an 8 week training in Life Skills for the girl students of Stds. VIII, IX and X was completed at Mahadji Shinde High School in August 2011 with the help of partner volunteers from the Soroptomists Club Pune East.

  • Art Classes for Std III

Our partner volunteers from the Soroptomists Club Pune East have begun holding Art classes for Std III students of Mahadji Shinde Primary School. Last year they had taught Art to the students of Std II in the same school.

  • SSC Form Fee

The SSC form fee will be given to all the students of Std X in Mahadji Shinde High School, Ghorpadi Village High School and Dr. Ambedkar Memorial High School in end September 2011.

  • Eaton Sponsors Training for National Science

Students of Std. VI of Mahdji Shinde High School are being trained by GREAT FOUNDATION volunteers for a national science competition sponsored by Eaton.



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