Posted by: greatfoundation | October 14, 2011

Career in the Armed Forces: Career counseling session

Career in the Armed Forces: Career counseling session – -Utpala Joshi

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Education is about expanding the mind to the world outside and even beyond it. The problem with limited exposure is that, it leads to a closed mind and constrains thinking. The students at the local schools get their exposure through their textbooks and interactions with teachers but little else. They are not in the habit of reading and they hardly meet anyone who talks to them about opportunities that await them.

India is a huge country and with growing economy there are opportunities in each and every field, be it government or non-government; provided one works hard. I am keen to introduce the opportunities to the students to fill their minds with hope. Let them start looking forward to life beyond school, beyond their own area, in the big city and anywhere in our big country or beyond.

I spoke to Col (retd) Pradeep Brahmankar of Apex Academy about giving a talk to the students out of this same idea. He immediately agreed. The talk was given on 24th Sept at Dr Ambedkar High School to a packed hall with more than 150 students.

Col Pradeep Brahmankar has served in the Indian army for 20 years and is now involved in training students for officer level entries in the armed forces. Not only did he agree to come to Dr Ambedkar School with a short notice, but he also mentioned that he does not expect anything in return. He willingly shared his knowledge with the students and inspired them to join the armed forces. He narrated stories of successful armed forces officers who some years ago were facing adversities similar to the students. Many students, girls and boys alike were so inspired that they went home, narrated the stories to their families and got their younger siblings enthused as well!

Getting exposure is the first step. Now the hard work starts. I am not sure how many students will be able to sustain the hard work part but even if 1 in 100 tries, I would think that the exposure has helped. If you have ideas about career counseling for our students, please keep me posted. We will do our work of sowing the seeds, the fruits will surely appear sooner or later.


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