Posted by: greatfoundation | October 15, 2011

Vroom Vroom: Sixth std kids building cars

SAE India has organised a competition among schools across India, where children from the sixth grade belonging to Public and Government schools will participate. The competition involves students forming a team of six students each. After forming the teams, the students are required to make a car using card board, plastic wheels, cello tape and a balloon. The students have to use precision while making their cars, since the cars have to move a straight short distance at the highest speed. The individuals in the teams are allotted the designations that are held at actual Automotive manufacturing companies. For example, Design Engineer, Test Engineer, Project Manager, etc.

These students are responsible for their independent divisions such as preparing the base of the car with the use of cardboard, fitting the wheels with the use of empty refills, putting in place the pipe that connects the balloon with the cars axle. All these parts have to be fitted in a proper fashion to ensure smooth functioning of the car.

After the car is ready, the Test engineer checks if all the parts of the car are in place and are fitted properly. Last week, I had visited the Mahadji Shinde High school where 5 teams of sixth grade students were busy making their cars and testing them. They were so engrossed with the activity, that it was a great experience watching them work together in teams, helping each other out, checking if their cars were moving in a straight line and with what speed.

Video 1: Children practicing on their cars

Video 2: Children with their cars all set to go vroom

A simple exercise being conducted under the guidance of the Eaton team headed by Sridhar, Aditi and Aviral has instilled in the kids a sense of responsibility, laws of Newton and motion.

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