Posted by: greatfoundation | February 16, 2012

Charity begins at home

Charity begins at home

By Utpala Joshi

I was at Ravindranath Togore School on last Saturday. This is an English medium school run by the Pune Cantonment Board where more than 500 children study up to 7th class. The number of children is increasing every year and soon the school will add 8th standard class. The background of the children remains the same as in other schools where I work – financially underprivileged. Many of the parents are working as unskilled labor, peons or painters or are small shopkeepers. The school does provide mid day meal, school books and uniform to each student. The atmosphere at the school is always full of energy and hope.

Given this background, I am used to hearing of financial difficulties to implement initiatives at the school, be it a library or a computer room. We are making progress on these too but more about that in another blog post.

Here I want to tell you of the magnanimous heart.

Imagine my surprise when the school teachers proudly showed me a certificate for raising funds for the Cancer Aid society. By bringing in small contribution starting from 50 paise to a few rupees, they have been able to raise a total of Rs 12,951!

This is a decent amount that can be used to meet medicine expense of one patient for a month or two. It might be able to support a family that has lost a breadwinner to cancer; with meals for few weeks. Why, it even might pay for a qualified researcher’s part stipend. The money can definitely be used constructively in the battle against cancer.

I was very happy to see the certificate and to recognize that everybody can help and make the world a better place. These children have not stopped from contributing whatever they could. They have not used the money for an occasional treat that they deserve. Everybody has contributed a little and together they have raised an amount to make somebody’s life better.

I am delighted that by raising the money they have given me something valuable too!


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