Posted by: greatfoundation | June 18, 2012

Employment Program 2012: empowers kids

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GREAT Foundation began its Employment program in April 2012. It was a 60 day program that covered areas such as Mobile repairing, Beauty Parlour course, Personality development and Spoken English. Approximately 40-60 students who had completed their tenth standard exams had enrolled for the program.

The entire program was arranged by GREAT Foundation and was sponsored by Trent.

Of the total students enrolled for the beauty course around eight students took the State level beauty course qualifying exam and have cleared it.

Click here to view the kids in the Beauty Parlour course





The students who enrolled for the mobile repairing course have already been placed with a few mobile repair shops. In addition to this, they have started repairing mobiles near their slum areas.

The students have been extensively trained in the above and in Spoken English as well. This can be observed by the confidence exuded by the students.

Click on the image to view the video of the Children participating in the personality development class.


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