Posted by: greatfoundation | October 3, 2012

Drawing Competition in Aug 2012

A group of nine enthusiastic volunteers arranged a drawing competition on 14th Aug 2012 for more than 125 children studying in the third and fourth grade at the Mahadji Shinde Primary school. The drawing competition began at 8am and continued till 10.30am.

The volunteers (Sharad, Deepak, Mrs Tandon, etc) arranged and conducted the event wonderfully. Everything was planned to the smallest detail. The volunteers provided a drawing sheet along with a set of crayons, a pencil, an eraser and a drawing book to each child. In addition to this, the group of volunteers also provided a Parle G biscuit packet and a chocolate to each child.

During the two hour drawing competition, the children drew and coloured keeping in mind the various themes such as the rainy season, independence day, etc. Buzzing with creativity the children came up with a few innovative and simple drawings. The judges finalized the winners post careful selection. After this the children were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals based on the level of creativity expressed in their drawings.

Really appreciate the effort  the volunteers put in to organize the event successfully and systematically. The school principal informed us that the kids were very happy to receive the drawing books, crayon sets, biscuits and the chocolates. Kids at the school find joy in small things and the event created a memorable moment for them.

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