Posted by: jaslene1985 | January 5, 2016

Shikrapur’s school students win hearts

December 26, 2015 will always remain a memorable day in our lives. That was the day, when some of us at GREAT Foundation went to visit Zilla Parishad School, Wablewadi, near Shikrapur on Ahmednagar Road. It was one of the most beautiful and child-friendly schools I had ever seen. The cottage-like school where 92 students studied from standard 1st to 7th sits in the midst of a neat green lawn, exuding peace and stillness all around. Its walls are freshly painted gaily with charts of the solar system, multiplication tables, etc. The rooms have placards of ENglish words of courtesy such as ‘Thank You’ ‘Sorry’ ‘Please’. It was a student-friendly school right from its colorful gate and outer walls to the labs inside.

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It was 3.00 pm on a Saturday when we reached there. SO the school was over since three hours ago but a few students from standard 3rd, 4th and 5th were still hanging around in the school. The science lab was open and it was the children, (RTL: in the photo on the left side) Aryan, Abhishek and Simridhi who explained the models kept there. Their confidence was most attractive.

Then we went to the computer room. The Arts and Crafts teacher told us that the students were quite adept at computers and we saw it was so. Abhishek and Aryan began gaming on Tablets. So we requested Simridhi to start the e-learning program and open any lesson in science. Without a mistake, she started the comupter, switched on the LCD projector and ran an introductory session on body organs. The entire school is Wi-Fi enabled. Later we learnt that the whole village is Wi-Fi enabled and it was the villagers who have made it so.

The children’s sense of owning the school gladdened our hearts and spirits. They were uninhibitedly exploring and using every facility in the school. Their Arts& Crafts Teacher was present but she stood quietly letting the children take the lead. The children aged 8, 9, 10 took us around the school. Their confidence and ease with which they operated the school facilities impressed us. Indeed a wonderful experience watching these children empowered with knowledge and skills at such a tender age.



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