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Innocence is the key that drives me closer and closer to kids. – Aditya Marathe, analyst at ZS Associates

My experience!! 😀 Awesome, I’d say!  I think it was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had. Come to think of it I even think made a fool out of myself, since I’ve never taught kids before. All their antics reminded me of my school days.  I found myself even more interested in teaching; spending time with children and helping them get a shot a better education and life! That one hour with them is as exhausting as spending a day at work! – Anushya Prasad, technical writer with ThoughtWorks

I was really amazed to see the enthusiasm of students attending my classes.  They grasp things extremely fast however a slight hindrance is the communication. Most of the students are comfortable conversing in Marathi. This has given me an opportunity to learn a new language as I understand the language but cannot speak well. Both the students and I are learning new things from each other – Ankit Singh, software professional at Hover technologies Pvt. Ltd

It is a different and wonderful experience. I say different because sometimes we have to start from the scratch as most of the students have less knowledge in Basic English.  However their interest in learning surpasses everything and never makes me feel I am doing a tedious task – Binsy Pillai, senior software engineer at Honeywell Automation India Ltd

Teaching these children is a wonderful experience. The zeal and enthusiasm that the children have, is really admirable. They come with an open mind which helps them learn and adapt to new things very quickly. Initially there was lot of fear and resistance in them when they were told to speak in front of the class. But as the classes progressed they learnt lot of things and were confident enough to speak up in front of anyone. There are lots of games that are part of the teaching activity which make learning more fun. Initially controlling these children was a challenging task. It gradually became easier after achieving a certain level of comfort. Overall the experience is lot of fun with lot of learning.- Dhwni Patel, a dynamic software professional at Tata Technologies Ltd

Teaching is a wonderful experience but also challenging as along with teaching theory, we had to help them develop into confident individuals. We have to help them take their own decisions, be presentable and hone their overall skills – Dilraj Rehal, assistant HR at Voices HR

I love teaching kids as they make you relive your childhood all over again. The first time i took a class i was very nervous as to how the children would take me. But after the class got over i felt a feeling of exhiliration sweep over me coupled with a sense of satisfaction. Since then i have never looked back and always look forward to teaching the enthusiastic group of children – Jaslene Bawa, financial research analyst at ValueNotes Database Ltd

Before my first lecture, I was hell nervous. I have never held a class before. And teaching a class full of 50 kids was like a night mare. I knew that these kids are not from my part of society, they have a different culture and upbringing. I was warned that some of them were notorious brats.

But the first time I started in the class, I was in love with them. Though there are few exceptions, but most of the kids have this spark and will of changing their lives. Unlike my kid days, they are more attentive and eager. They valued my spending time with them – Puneet Goyal, software professional at GS Lab

I always wanted to stay as a child but grew into adulthood sometime ago. When I am with children, I really feel the joy and innocence of being childlike once again. Thanks to these children who help me feel this way. In my way I would always like to keep them smiling – Sanket Chourasia, software professional at Infosys Technologies Ltd

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